Tracy’s Story

Tracy Pryor started yoga at a young age. TTracy Pryor Earthandcup.comracy’s first yoga teacher was her mother. Tracy’s mom began a yoga practice during her pregnancy with Tracy, taking classes taught by Whit East at the Winston-Salem YMCA. In her twenties a friend invited her to go to a yoga class and she learned that Whit East, now in his later years, was still teaching yoga classes. Tracy decided to become a yoga instructor because she wanted to share her experience of yoga and meditation with others. Yoga is a lifelong wellness practice because over time it improves mental focus, increases flexibility, and fosters a greater sense of wellness.

Tracy believes in making yoga available for everybody. She has taught yoga since 2007 to a variety of populations from children to adults. She is a 200 hour registered yoga alliance teacher and is currently working towards her 500 RYT as well as her Yoga Warrior (trauma sensitive yoga) with YogaFit .

With the birth of her daughter, Tracy became more passionate about the products she was using in her home and the foods her family was eating. She believes in the use of ethically sourced raw materials and encourages the use of organic essential oils in the home for meeting both cleaning and wellness goals.

Tracy is an ordained pastor in the Moravian Church. She has served congregations in Arizona, North Dakota, North Carolina, Ohio and New York from 1999-present. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art with a Design Concentration and an Art Education certification from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, a Master of Divinity from Moravian Seminary (Magna Cum Laude), and a Doctorate of Ministry in Congregational Mission and Leadership from Luther Seminary. She authored a study guide for Zinzendorf: A Theology of the Heart (2000) and has been a frequent workshop presenter on topics such as prayer and meditation, wellness, arts and worship, essential oils, congregational renewal and missional discernment, and accompaniment. Tracy enjoys playing a variety of musical instruments and singing to her daughter. She competed in regional and international competitions with Sweet Adelines, Inc and briefly served as an assistant director of Accapella Xpress in Fargo.

Tracy is married to the Rev. Michael L. Poole, Jr.



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