Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

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How often do we make what we believe to be an important decision? Once a year, once a month, once a week, once a day, once every second…..

What if every decision we made, was an important decision? Would it change our process of making decisions? How would that change our approach to the decisions? I had a conversation this week with a group of people about making decisions. I made the comment, “Every decision we make has cosmic implications.” We had discussion about that comment.

How does what I make for dinner, or the clothes I wear or the path I travel to work matter? As far as dinner….. Did I cook food I’d grown myself or did I buy it from a provider? Does that provider support ethical growing means and labor matters? Or am i supporting a business that operates contrary to my beliefs? My direction to work determines who I encounter along the way. My clothes might dictate who responds to me and who doesn’t. Every choice has cosmic implications.


This is a hachimaki, a headband. A hachimaki is used to place a thought, idea, or motto on your mind at all times. The characters on this hachimaki say “danger” or “crisis” or “a critical point”. Maybe we should always have the idea that we are at a critical point, at all times. Maybe we should take every encounter we have seriously. We should not take lightly any decision we make. We should approach life believing we can make cosmic changes. This would take a mindshift. But one that might contribute greatly. When others see our approach, it might inspire them to do the same.

This doesn’t mean we should be paranoid about all the possible consequences of our decisions. it doesn’t mean we should become paralyzed to the point we can’t make a decision. We should just take them serious.

So, let us fill our empty cups with thoughful decisions at every critical point. blank cup

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