What is Karate?

Mike Poole Karate Instructor EarthAndCup.comKarate is a martial art that uses the basics of punches, blocks and kicks. A student learns how to apply these basic techniques by learning kata (forms), which are specific punches, blocks, and kicks, put together into a specific sequence. Students also participate in drills which are specific basics put together and done with a partner. Eventually, students may engage in light sparring with other students.


Where did Karate originate?

Karate as we know it now, appears to have begun in Okinawa, which is in the Ryukyu Islands, off of Japan. History and tradition say that teachers from China came to Okinawa because of military occupation and/or trade, and taught Okinawans their martial arts. Karate was then taken from Okinawa to Japan, and eventually around the world.


How did Karate get to the United States?

Karate Mike Poole Earthandcup.comAs U. S. military personnel were stationed in Okinawa after World War II, they learned karate while on the island. When they returned back home, they brought karate home with them, and began to teach it to Americans.


What kind of Karate do we study?

This basis of the karate we study is in Shorin-Ryu (Little Forest) karate. There are different types of Shorin-Ryu karate. Although the curriculum is rooted in Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu, senior instructors have lineage in Kobayashi Shorin-Ryu, other styles of karate and other types of martial arts. Beisho practices an integrated system of all of the aspects of the martial arts.


What organization oversees us?

We belong to the Shorin-Ryu Karatedo and Kobudo Association of America (SKKAA), or Beisho (BAY – show). Beisho was established in 2005 by a group of senior instructors who have practiced the ancient Okinawan arts of Shorin-Ryu Karatedo and Kobudo (traditional weapons).


What weapons do we study?

Karate Mike Poole Earthandcup.comAs a student progresses, different weapons are taught at certain intervals. The weapons traditionally used are bo (long staff), nunckaku (flayals), sai (forked weapons) , tonfa (short baton with a handle), kama (sickle), and sword.


What is the purpose of Beisho?

Beisho was established to re-dedicate practitioners to follow the traditional path of self-improvement through the martial arts. The path involved life-long learning; constant practice and striving for excellence; respect for others; a commitment to passing on traditions; dedication to our communities, countries and the world; and the highest standards of business and personal integrity.


Where can you learn more about Beisho Karate?

For more information on the SKKAA, visit the Beisho website at www.beisho.org .

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