In 2010, Mike began to serve on the Champaign County (Ohio) Chapter Board of the American Cancer Society. His area of responsibility was predominately male-oriented cancer awareness. Mike created an awareness movement called “Kilts 4 Kause”. This event brings people together to to hear about topics and issues surrounding cancer, how to treat cancer, and how we support those who have cancer. As part of the event, Mike works with kilt companies to have a kilt fashion show. Many times, this is the first time a model has worn a kilt.

First K4K Cast The first event was held in 2011. Utilikilts was the kilt sponsor. We had seven models, five of which had never worn kilts previously. A local oncologist was the keynote speaker.

Champaign Co Cast The second event was held in 2012. Alt.Kilts was the kilt sponsor. We had fifteen models, three were youth, six were returning models, and we had five first-timers. Alt.Kilts sells youth kilts, with all the proceeds going to pediatric cancer research.

In November 2013, Mike began his “Kilted 50 For Charity” year. One of the organizations that he was bringing bringing awareness, advocacy, action, and fundraising to was ACS. He staged events throughout 2014. He continues to put together events in support of battling cancer.

If you are interested in putting together an event contact Mike, and he will assist you in your planning as he is able.

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