Movement is a major focus for Earth And Cup.

The medical community often reminds us that physical movement can improve our health and wellbeing. Movement can also serve as a agent of transformation in our daily lives.

What types of movement do we utilize at Earth And Cup?

There are many types of movement and healing modalities that provide enhancement of health and assist with transformation. We utilize yoga, tai chi, qigong, karate, kobudo, and hung gar, as different modalities in a holistic approach to wellness. We personally study and practice yoga, karate, qigong, tai chi, kobudo, hung gar and iaido in our own lives. These are the philosophies of movement in which we have our training and experience.

How strenuous is Earth And Cup’s movement programs?

Any group practice or class will be made up of individuals with a wide range of abilities and experiences. We are also aware that on any given day there are physical, mental, social or emotional stressors that influence our activity level and require us to make adjustments in our personal practice. We offer classes that are appropriate for a variety of skill levels and abilities. As teachers we will also seek to teach modifications and/or adjust the format and skill level of the class to meet the needs of the participants.

What if the listed classes don’t fit my schedule?

Earth And Cup is open to starting new classes in different locations. Earth and Cup is also available for private lessons.

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