Oils Bible 5 Tracy has developed an essential oils workshop that looks at past and present uses of a wide variety essential oils. She uses the biblical references to essential oils as a starting point for discussion.

Oils Bible 1 Tracy looks at the oils that are named in the Bible. She discusses how the oils were believed to have been used during that time. She also discusses how the use of the oils affects the understanding of the particular biblical passage.

Oils Bible 2 Tracy discusses how essential oils may be used in everyday food preparation. Samplings may also be available for tasting.

Oils Bible 6 Tracy discusses the properties of a variety of essential oils that are not named in scripture, but available to us today. Tracy may include the use of essential oils in making your own cleaning solutions.

Oils Bible 3 Tracy talks the participants through ceremonial and ritual uses of oils. She also provides time for the group to participate in an anointing ceremony.

Oils Bible 4 Tracy may assist the participants in preparing a personalized essential oil vial to take with them.

happy cup The workshop may be modified to meet the needs of the group. Sections of the workshop may be expanded or deleted based on the desired outcome. The workshop has a 3 – 4 hour format and and 6 – 8 hour format, depending on the material. If you or a group may be interested in the Oils Workshop, or essential oils in general, please contact Tracy at tracy@earthandcup.com .