GKMC Prayer 1 Earth and Cup will custom tailor a retreat, workshop, class, or seminar on the variety of ways people may pray. The full workshop runs approximately six (6) hours. The workshop is hands-on and participatory. We can add and or take out any segments that you desire. The workshop may include sections on:

GKMC Prayer 5 Use of prayer in daily life, devotionals, corporate prayer and prayer in worship. We discuss the variety of ways and techniques to pray. We discuss the use of devotionals to assist with prayer. Mike has written a year-long daily devotional for law enforcement officers. We discuss the ways a group may pray together. The traditional ways of corporate prayer in worship is discussed. A practical exercise may be use to allow participants to write actual prayers for the worship.

GKMC Prayer 2 The Practice and Use of Icons. Tracy is a visual artist. While she was in Wilmington NC, she trained under an Episcopal priest who instructed her in the process of writing (making) icons. During the workshop, she explains the process, the historical uses, and the possible uses of icons today.

GKMC Prayer 3 Labyrinths – We discuss the different types of labyrinths, how to make a labyrinth, and the meditative properties of walking and using a labyrinth. We may also set up a small labyrinth to walk, or utilize one that may be in the area.

GKMC Prayer 4 Prayer Beads – We discuss the uses of prayer beads across the spectrum of religions. We discuss the variety of prayers associated with beads. We also provide the materials to make your own prayer beads.

GKMC Prayer 7 Illuminated texts – We discuss the ways in which written texts with artistic renderings may assist in a person’s prayer life.

GKMC Prayer Stretch and Pray – We discuss the benefits of adding gentle movement to prayers, to enhance the experience. We may provide a Stretch and Pray session that can last up to sixty (60) minutes.

GKMC Prayer 6 .We have put together this type of workshop several times, to very favorable responses. Participants state that everyone was able to find something to take with them. We can include other prayer techniques at the request of the particular group.