We provide self defense workshop for all ages and for specific groups. Self defense is important in today’s world. Safety is a concern for everyone. We hold a monthly self defense class. The first half hour of the class discusses one topic that relates to self defense. We then spend the second half hour working on one particular self defense technique. Self defense is related, but different from traditional martial arts training. Our martial arts classes discuss self defense situations, as questions from students come up. A resource book we have used is “Meditations on Violence – A Comparison of Martial Arts Training & Real World Violence” by Sgt. Rory Miller.





Here are the notes from some of our self defense classes:


I. Violence always happens in a specific place, at a specific time and between specific people

(taken from “Meditations on Violence” – Rory Miller)

A. Place

  1. Violence happens where people get their minds altered
  2. Violence happens where people gather in groups
  3. Violence happens where territories are in dispute
  4. Violence happens in lonely places
  5. Violence happens at a secondary crime scene
  6. 6. Violence happens in crowd

B. Time (difference between violence and threat of violence is the distance of time)

  1. Threat of violence – You have time (“I’m gonna kick your ass)
  2. Violence – You have to find ways to give yourself time

C. People

  1. Choice of victim is heavily influenced by fear and self-esteem
  • a. Bullies are really cowards
  • b. Have to choose the biggest and baddest

2. Physical signs that a person may be losing self-control and becoming violent

  • a. flushed or pale face; sweating; pacing, restless, or repetitive movements, signs of extreme fatigue (really dark circles under eyes, repetitive blinking); clenched jaws or fists; shallow, rapid breathing; scowling, sneering, abusive language, glaring or avoiding eye contact all together; violating personal space


II. Awareness of self – Don’t present yourself as a target – posture, attitude, awareness, knowing where you are going

  1. Don’t be on your devices
  • Phones – either talking or texting. Stop and do that
  • Take the ear buds out and earphones off

2. Don’t wear name tags or names on your clothing

3. Maintain a good posture

4. Know exactly where you are and where you are going before you start out

5. Don’t travel with a lot of bags or other items

6. Make sure your clothing is appropriate for the journey

  • Clothing should be appropriate for where you are and where you are going

7. Footwear / clothing appropriate for travel in between

8. You are under no obligation to surrender your personal space to anyone

9. You are under no obligation to engage in a conversation


III. Awareness of Surroundings

  1. Always look around – assess potential dangers. Don’t forget to look up!
  2. Don’t block your vision. Be aware of how hats, hoods, glasses and other items block your vision.
  3. Don’t block your hearing. No earbuds headphones.
  4. Don’t block your attention. Pay attention to what is going on around you so you may respond and react.
  5. Don’t take anything for granted.
  6. Notice what may seem out of place.


IV. Self -Defense Situations Involving Vehicles

  1. Always have the vehicle keys in your hands prior to leaving the building
  2. Do not use the remote to unlock or start your vehicle until you are at the vehicle
  3. Always take a quick look in the vehicle before entering
  4. Never leave children in the vehicle alone
  5. Keep children with you while loading vehicle
  6. Never put any body part out of the vehicle while you are inside, and never put any body part into a vehicle while you are outside
  7. Be aware of situations where individuals are trying to draw you out of your vehicle
  8. Be very aware when getting into the vehicle of others
  9. Always check and make sure you have the controls for windows, locks and door handles BEFORE you close the door


Check our calendar for upcoming self defense classes. If you have a group that might be interested in a custom-tailored self defense workshop or presentation, please contact us.