Reverse Origami

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It is my understanding that origami is the art of folding paper. Paper is folded to make objects. In fact, one of the gifts I received when I left my last parish was a book whose pages were folded into an image. IMG_0589 I also understand that origami is a meditative practice. It becomes soothing when one sits and folds paper.

After we arrived in Staten Island and started unpacking boxes, we had all this paper that was used to wrap items or used as stuffing in boxes. In keeping with our thoughts on recycling, we decided to unfold the paper and save it until we find others uses. We set up a station on the table on our porch where we could unfold, sort and save the paper.

IMG_0582 I remember a conversation at dinner one night, where I brought up how soothing the paper unfolding process was. I could go out on the screened-in porch, enjoy the sounds of nature, relax with a repetitive action, calm down from the stresses of the move. Sean stated he felt the same way. So, whenever it became stressful trying to unpack and organize, we could go out and do a box. It became reverse origami!

What is it that you do the enables you to calm down? IMG_0583 It doesn’t have to be intricate. Something as easy as unfolding paper can work. We all need to find a small, easily accessible action that allows us to relax. So today, take a moment to find that little task, find a little space, and find a little peace.



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