Should Kids Be Learning Martial Arts?

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IMG_2539 I get asked this question often. What are the benefits of kids in martial arts? Are you teaching them to be bullies? Won’t they get hurt?

There is much to be gained from youth engaging in martial arts training. They learn discipline, goal-setting, self-awareness, and respect. They gain experience listening to the bodies and working to keep healthy. They arrive at a place of self-confidence. In a world where kids are stationary in front of screens of some sort most of the time; they are active both in body and mind. Kids find they are able to meet the challenges and apply these lessons in everyday life.

They realize the value in themselves, and that all people have value. Notice I haven’t said anything about fighting! Do they learn self-awareness, evaluating your surroundings, and avoiding possible threats? Of course they do. Will a three-year-old be able to fight an adult in case of an extreme situation? They do learn techniques and approaches that might assist them when a circumstance presents itself. For the most part, martial arts teaches our youth how NOT to fight. The martial arts undercuts the reasons why kids might want to bully another. The martial arts instills a sense of humility and approach to life that betters society, not cause more chaos. Both of my boys studied martial arts growing. I can not remember either of them fighting outside the dojo – ever! My oldest turns 30 tomorrow and my younger son is 21.


My daughter is two. Do you think she has started her martial arts training? Absolutely! There are many benefits for kids to get into the martial arts. Take the time, and find the right school, the right teacher, the right organization, the right style. Not all have the same approach and purpose. Make sure the training in consistant with what you want your child to learn. And then trust that the martials arts is a good place for your child.


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