Tai Chi Benefits Everyone

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Tai Chi Instructor Mike Poole EarthAndCup.com Tai Chi is very beneficial for everyone…. all ages, all capabilities, all experience levels. Research shows that Tai Chi assists will all sorts of health benefits from arthritis, joint/muscle movement, breathing, blood flow, and even sleep patterns. It helps with preventing falls, burning calories, and full body exercise.

Tai Chi Instructor Mike Poole EarthAndCup.com

You don’t need a lot of space or equipment. You can do Tai Chi by yourself, with friends, and with total strangers. it is a wonderful sensation to go out into nature on do Tai Chi with the animals!


I have known for a long time the benefits of Tai Chi for me. Yesterday I read an article about the benefits to others. Here is the article: Check Out These 6 Benefits of Tai Chi

Take some time for yourself and try a Tai Chi class. We currently have Tai Chi on Monday nights, Tuesday mornings, and Thursday evenings. On this Valentine’s Day, give a gift to yourself and to your loved one… Try Tai Chi.


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