Tai Chi Helps Survivors of Breast Cancer

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Cancer touches all of us, one way or another. I’ve had family and friends go through breast cancer treatment. In fact, last week, I heard the story of a high school classmate of mine who has overcome and stands as a hero and survivor for others to gain strength and hope.

I have worked with the American Cancer Society on several projects to bring awareness, advocacy, action and funds to assist survivors and cure this disease.

There have been research that indicates the study of Tai Chi helps survivors and those going through treatment for breast cancer. Some of the organizations that have written about the benefits of Tai Chi are:

These studies have shown that some of the benefits are:

  • Tai Chi provides a gentle approach and allows people to respond peacefully to their treatment.
  • Tai Chi improves muscle strength in the shoulder and chest
  • Tai Chi has the potential to increase human immunity against tumor formation
  • Tai Chi can assist with relaxation to combat anxiety and depression
  • Tai Chi may assist in increasing energy
  • Tai Chi helps in preventing inflammation of tissue which decreases chances of return
  • Tai Chi may lead to improved sleep quality
  • Tai Chi may assist with increasing self-esteem and provide a stronger sense of being in control

These are possible advantages of breast cancer survivors beginning the study of Tai Chi. Tai Chi might become another tool of treatment, that contributes to the total approach. Everyone should check with their own doctors before beginning, to gain their input in your treatment plan.


As we spend this October becoming more aware of Breast Cancer in our world, take some time to learn more. Make sure you are getting all our your annual checks. Although Breast Cancer occurs mostly in women, there are cases of the disease affecting men. Provide strength for those around us who are survivors.

Wear some pink in support of finding a cure. I’ll leave you with a video I call Lady in Pink.




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