Tai Chi May Help With Breast Cancer Recovery

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Kause In 2011, I founded a movement called “Kilts 4 Kause“. I lost my best friend to kidney cancer in 2010. I began to work with the American Cancer Society to raise awareness of cancer and its affect on all of our lives. So, the last few year, I too, have become more aware of what we can do.

I’ve been a student of Tai Chi for a long while. I was finding that tai chi had positive affects to help against many things that attack us in life, one of them being cancer. Tai Chi Instructor Mike Poole EarthAndCup.com Practicing tai chi helps to reduce stress. Tai Chi provides a lower impact movement system that can be used to ease back into exercise. Tai Chi allows us to open and free our minds.

Last winter, I saw a UCLA study that stated Tai Chi helped in reducing inflammation in the breast tissue. Inflammation in the tissue can be a risk factor for the return of cancer. Another benefit to adding Tai Chi to your daily life. Tai Chi is something you may also do with your significant others to assist them as well. 11053905_10206565375315763_3980331190139535378_o Tai Chi can be done in a class, or in the privacy of your home. So find a place, and a teacher, and improve your health.


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