Movement Control

  • Slow = connects mind and body
  • Smooth = helps mind to stay calm
  • Continuous = Increase chi flow, move continuously like water flowing in a river
  • Controlled = displays intention


  • Imagine you’re moving through a gentle resistance, like moving in water. Helps to stay calm.
  • Imagine the air is dense and you are moving against this. This helps to cultivate inner force, or energy.


Upright body posture alignment

  •  Golden Thread lifts from the crown of your head, chin tucked, knees slightly bent, back and shoulders relaxed.
  • Your ears, shoulders, hips and hips should align.

Weight transference

  •  Be aware, first center yourself, touch down, control your balance, roll foot flat to feel the floor, keep body alignment upright,
  • then gradually and consciously shift to transfer your weight.


Song (Loosening / relaxing and open your joints)

  • Relax and open your joints, gently stretching them from within.
  • Think of internally expanding each joint. It is important to relax while practicing Tai Chi.

Jing (Mental focus, serene and quiet)

  •  Be present, pay attention to your body and the movements you are making so that your internal and external are well integrated, be aware of your surroundings but focus on what you are doing, be sure to not let your mind wander too much.


  • All movement initiates with the breathe
  • Breathe is integrated into all movement