“A key figure in Tai Chi’s martial development is Yang Lu-ch’an (1799-1872), who learned this art in Chen village. Some accounts suggest Yang Lu-Ch’an was an aspiring young martial artist who witnessed Chen masters apply their secret art and was so impressed that he had to learn it. So, he moved to Chen village to be a servant and learned by clandestinely watching family disciples train under master Chen Chang Shing. After watching these lessons, he practiced diligently on his own in secret. Apparently, one day when master Chen Chang Shing was not home, a troupe of martial artists visited the village an challenged the Chen family practitioners to a fighting match. After the troupe defeated the Chen family members, Yang emerged, defeated the troupe, and defended the Chen family’s honor. This earned him the respect of Master Chen, who accepted Yang as his first “outside” (non-family) student. Master Chen also gave Yang permission to leave the Chen village and teach others. In 1852, Yang Lu-ch’an moved to Beijing to teach what he called “soft boxing” or “Cotton boxing”. His high martial arts skills earned him the title “Yang the Invincible”. In addition, among other teaching activities, he was appointed to teach his art to the Imperial Guards and members of the Qing court. Yang also adapted his teaching methods for a broader growing public audience who was increasingly interested in health and personal development; this approach included a less-strenuous regimen with less emphasis on martial applications. Yang’s teaching, along with the teaching of his children, and especially one of his grandsons, Yang Cheng Fu, laid the foundation for what is now called Yang-style Tai Chi, the most widely practiced style in the world today. Many of Yang’s senior students and disciples also played a significant role in the evolution of numerous other prominent Tai Chi lineages, including the Wu, Wu/Hao, and Sun styles. “

(Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi, pages 16-19)

The Yang Style Forms that we practice at Earth And Cup, Inc. are: Yang 8, Form 13, Yang 24, Lee Ying-Arn Form, Yang 44, Yang 108, Yang 18 Tai Chi Fan, Yang 36 Tai Chi Fan, Yang 24 Cane, Yang Tai Chi Broadsword, Yang 32 Straight Sword.

To view a video of these forms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qsm3ErQN9qE

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