The Yang 18 Tai Chi Fan Form is a nice, basic, beginner form. It comes to us in the Yang Style of Tai Chi.

Here are the names of the movements in the Yang 18 Tai Chi Fan Form:

Movement 1 (Opening Form)

Movement 2 (Hold the Moon in Arms)

Movement 3 (Willow Waves in Breeze)

Movement 4 (Dust Against Wind)

Movement 5 (Wave Upon Waves)

Movement 6 Old Man Angling)

Movement 7 (Split in Horse Stance)

Movement 8 (Turn Around and Strike Tiger)

Movement 9 (Holy Dragon Turns Head)

Movement 10 (Open Fan with Legs Apart)

Movement 11 (Push the Boat Along With the Current)

Movement 12 (Pluck Fan on Both Sides)

Movement 13 (Hold Fan in Horse Stance)

Movement 14 (White Crane Spreads Its Wings)

Movement 15 (Wind Scatters Lotus Leaves)

Movement 16 (Spring Returns to the Land)

Movement 17 (Cross Knees and Open Fan)

Movement 18 (Closing Form)

Here is a link to a video that gives a short description of each movement, and contains a demonstration of the form from the front view and the back view: