You Are Never Too Old for Karate

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SCN_0002 This article appeared in the December 2012 edition of The Lutheran. As a martial artist who was older than I was when I started, I was draw to Roberta’s story. I corresponded with her over the next couple months. She started martial arts in the ’70’s and was on the tournament circuit. She stopped competing shortly after the spring of 1981. But she stayed with karate. Roberta states that karate not only reduces her stress, it helps her feel more confident and comfortable with herself. She is 70 years old and still working out. She called the style she studies Ryu-Te or “Okinawan Hand”.

I was in my 20’s when I started martial arts. 1993 Brown Belt Now I am in my 50’s and I enjoy it more than I ever have! 2015 Paige white belt tie

You would be surprised of the ages of many of my teachers and people I work out with. Karate has kept us healthy all these years!

So you are never too old to participate in karate. No matter how old you are, you are never too old to start! DSCF0778


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