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Tracy is here to help you find the right skincare and products for you and your family. Neal’s Yard Remedies is a long-standing company with a mission to provide organic, ethically sourced skin care and wellness products. Tracy fell in love with their Wild Rose Beauty Balm and wanted to share in their mission! She invites you to give NYR a try … your skin, your children, your pets, and your planet will thank you. Click to go directly to Tracy’s website. Be sure to like Tracy’s Facebook page. If you have any questions you can give Tracy a call or email her at Tracy@EarthAndCup.com. Be Well!

Five Reasons to Choose Organic:

1. Better For Our Planet
2. Better For Our Wellbeing
3. Safe for Animals
4. Better for Wildlife
5. Better for our Future

Independent NYR Consultant Tracy Pryor EarthAndCup.ComClick here to learn more about organic natural health and beauty:






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