Address to the Haggis

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Today, January 25th, is the birthday of Robert Burns, Poet Laureate of Scotland.

2015 burns fly Around the world, Burns Dinners are being celebrated, to commemorate the contribution of Burns to the literary community. One of the activities associated with Burns Dinners is the dramatic presentation of Burns poem, “Address Tae The Haggis”.

Last year, I was asked to present the “Address” at the Burns Dinner, sponsored by the Southeastern Ohio Celtic Society. Click here for a video of that presentation. I was asked a little last minute. They said i didn’t do too bad….. for an Irishman.

If you want to see how it is really done, click here.

So today, celebrate Robert Burns by reading some of his work, singing Auld Lang Syne, listening to Scots Wha Hae on the bagpipes, or just put on kilt!



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