“Walk, Don’t Run” Around the Water

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The recent water crisis in Flint has caused some to take a look at the water shortage situation in our country. So often we believe lack of clean water is a situation that only exists in other countries. Desert places that are far away come to mind.


We have to become much more aware of how our behaviors may be contributing to the water shortage situation. What our we putting into our ground water? What our we putting into our natural water sources? How protected are our water sources and water plants in this country? This isn’t a recent problem.


We also need to work at not wasting water. The last few years, I have tried to use what I call the “Walk, Don’t Run” method of water use. That was what they used to yell at us around the water at the local swimming pool. I have stopped the habit of just letting the water run. Studies show that about 4 gallons of water goes down the drain during the time an adult takes to brush their teeth. How much water do I waste while I am shaving my head and face? Brushing my teeth? Taking my meds? Doing the dishes? How much do I need to water my lawn? Wash my car? Here are some interesting facts about water use Saving the clean resource we already have adds to assistance.

Take some time to evaluate your water situation. How much water do you have on hand in case of a natural disaster? People on Staten Island have told us that one of the biggest concerns during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, was access to clean water. How long could you last?

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Take a look at these resources. Remember to “Walk, Don’t Run”, around water. And thank you for helping creation.


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