What Color Is It Now?

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bracelets We see these colored bracelets all the time. A lot of people were them. Some wear many bracelets at one time. What do all these colors mean? October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The color for breast cancer awareness is pink. We see everyone wearing pink: At work, NFL, NHL, MLB, all around town; everyone is wearing pink. The thought is that when we see the color pink, we are reminded of breast cancer, and we will respond in some way: to think of those who live with the disease, to give to a cancer organization, to work for a cure.

cancer colorsHear is a diagram of some of the colors associated with a wide variety of cancer awareness. We are all affected by cancer in one way or another. We are all affected by a wide variety of conditions, circumstances, and situations that need to be corrected. Here is another color chart that includes a variety of awareness concerns.

IMG_2215 I wear bracelets of all sorts of colors. I wear them more to remind myself. To remind myself that I need to respond to the needs of others. To remind myself that I need to strive to make this world a better place in many situations. To remind myself that there are others less fortunate than I, and that it only takes a moment before someone is wearing a bracelet for me. To remind myself that I should help this world move closer to a time when colors will be just colors again. One of my favorite bands, The Tartan Terrors, do a song in their show, “When Pink Is Just  Color Again”. The music, the words, and the dance, call us to respond, not just to breast cancer, but to everything that negatively impacts our planet. This response needs to continue until the colors are just colors again.

And So……. wear your bracelets, speak out, raise funds, take action, help others, become aware, and sport your colors. DSCF0820



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